£675,000 was raised over a six year period, although if Scout and Guide activities are included this period could be considered to be nearer twenty years!


In round terms the fundraising broke down as follows:-

National Lottery £200,000
Scouts & Guides £100,000
Private donations £100,000
Parochial Church Council £ 50,000
Other grants £200,000
Bank interest £ 25,000

The Hall’s main supporters in terms of large grants were the Lottery
Fund, a Biffa Environmental Award and Northern Rock but there were many
more as can be seen on the plaque in the Hall entrance. The Parish Council and
then City Council were also most supportive in cash terms and many other
The Hall benefited in a most timely manner from being the first major
recipient of the Durham City Council Flourishing Communities Fund. From the
title it is evident that the hall hit all the right buttons…”Flourishing community”
“self help”, “proper research”, established need” and £63,000 was awarded in

In more recent times, Belmont Parish Hall has benefied from grants from organisations such as The Co-operative, County Durham Communiy Foundation, Area Action Plan, and local Parish and County Councillors to help fund, for example, new IT equipment, re-furbishment of the wooden floor, an energy audit and various community events.