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Tai Chi in Belmont Parish Hall

Tai Chi was the first class to start in the then new Parish Hall in November 2005. The class has a strong core group, predominately women who are regular attendees. There has been some reluctance in the past by men to adopt the art of Tai Chi. Recently, however, the numbers have increased to three and I remain optimistic that many more may join at some point in the future.

Tai Chi is an excellent way to promote physical, emotional and mental health and has many benefits to offer the practitioner. Typical health benefits are – improvements in balance, agility, flexibility, vitality, calmness, mental freshness, blood circulation, breathing and general fitness. The practice of Tai Chi helps to return the skeletal structure, muscles and organs to their natural alignment in the body.

Whilst Tai Chi is a martial art, the class involves none of the martial applications and is mainly restricted to Qigung and step forms such as Yang combined styles. The teaching is in a comfortable style and the class is run without promoting competitiveness amongst the group in an attempt to keep the atmosphere as relaxed as is possible.

Class time is between 2.00 and 3.00pm on Mondays but the class is closed on school half terms and other main school holidays.



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