Durham Recorded Music Society

We have "Durham" in our name because for many years that is where we used to meet, usually in Alington House. However, since January 2008, we have been meeting in Belmont Parish Hall and this move has proved to be most favourable because we now have as many new members as those of us left from the Alington house days.

The Society’s aims remain the same as at the time of its foundation more than 60 years ago, that is, to organise musical presentations of recorded musing (no longer the 78s or LPs, of course) mainly of the classical type, for the enjoyment of the listening members. These are held weekly on Wednesday afternoons at 1.30pm for about 25 weeks from September to March/April.

It is a very pleasant experience just to relax and listen to a presenter who could be a musician, amateur performer or one of our members giving a presentation, usually on a theme of some sort, normally not obvious from the title of the presentation, sharing with us one of their particular musical passion. The sound quality of our equipment is outstanding, the room well-equipped with tea/coffee making facilities for the interval and the two hours just flu by in the pleasant company of others.

So, we are very pleased with the room where we meet in Belmont Parish Hall. Perhaps you would care to join us on a Wednesday – you would be most welcome.

Terry Harvey, our Secretary, can supply you with more information on 0191 3883055.


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 12 Sep     AGM:   Terry Harvey ‘In memoriam’

19 Sep     Dr. Peter Collins: ‘Orpheus Brittanicus’

26 Sep     Professor John Derry: An afternoon with Sir Adrian Boult

  3  Oct     John Treherne, MBE:  William Shields.

10  Oct    Jim Evans  “Land of Mists”

17  Oct    Freda Mason: ‘Roman Holiday’

24  Oct    Ted Shepherd: ‘Less is more’

31  Oct       Adrian Penna: ‘Postman Pat will be about 3.15’
  7  Nov      Colin Noble-Nesbitt: ‘Mainly Russian’

14  Nov       Russell Baston: ‘It wan’t always the case’        

21  Nov       Ian McCulloch: ‘One more unto the breech’

28  Nov      Alan Oyston: ‘Even more memories’    

  5  Dec      Christmas Music: Edwin Fellows

16  Jan       Anniversaries 2019  Terry Harvey

23 Jan       Professor John Derry: ‘An afternoon with Sergiu Celibidache’
30 Jan       Edwin Fellows: To be confirmed

 6  Feb       Barbara Fox: ‘Celebrating Song’

13  Feb      Tom Brennan: ‘More good music’

20  Feb      Ted Shepherd:  ‘The Barbirolli Experience’

27  Feb     Robert Balderstone: The Organ

  6 Mar     Terry Harvey: “Mercury Rising’ 
13 Mar     Colin Noble-Nesbitt: ’Here and there’  

20  Mar     Edgar Senior: ‘Over and Out’

27  Mar     Edwin Fellows: To be confirmed              

  3  Apr     Adria Penna:  ‘New wine in old bottles’

10  Apr    Professor John Derry:’ An afternoon with Rafael Kubelik’

17  Apr   Ted Shepherd:  Classics for Pleasure’
24  Apr    Dr. Peter Collins: ‘The oddest person…  Indispensible!’

   1 May     Terry Harvey ‘What is jazz?’
   8 May     Jim Evans: ‘The Voice’

 15 May     Russell Baston: ‘Ultima et paene ultima’

 22 May     Members’ Choice: Edwin Fellows



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